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The South Asian Way

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Hi, I’m Jenifer, a registered dietitian nutritionist!

I HELP South Asians Manage Diabetes, Enjoy Heart Health & Experience Weight Loss without having them give up their favorite foods ~ Biryani, Samosas, etc.

Its time to take charge of your life ~ The South Asian Way

“The South Asian Way 2.0” is a Signature One-on-One Nutrition Program for South Asians suffering from Diabetes, Heart Conditions, and Weight Loss Stalls

About You My South Asian friend

  • You are frustrated with the lack of South Asians’ specific food and lifestyle modification recommendations. 
  • You want to reverse pre-diabetes and manage diabetes without giving up South Asian foods.
  • You are at risk of developing diabetes and want to prevent it with food and lifestyle changes.
  • You often crave sugary and salty foods.
  • You are confused about what to eat to manage your blood sugar. 
  • You have pre-diabetes and don’t know how to prevent Type 2 diabetes.
  • YOU ARE READY for guidance from a nutrition expert to help you take charge of your health and happiness 

It’s about YOU & YOUR healthy lifestyle journey!

"Complete Wellbeing" Nutrition Coaching Program Features

Personal Health Coach


Nutrition Guides


Meal plans and recipes


I grew up eating Indian foods like daal, chaawal (rice), roti (Indian tortillas), ghee, biryani & samosas. My dad has diabetes, and I have first hand experience in managing his diabetes with nutrition & lifestyle changes. I have also helped many Indians in managing their pre-diabetes and diabetes.

I remember grabbing a piece of samosa and laddoo at a friend’s party. One of my South Asian friends asked, “Are you sure, you’re going to eat the fried samosa and sugary laddoo even though you are a dietitian?” I said “I do enjoy all foods and eat mindfully”. Similarly, I won’t restrict you either from enjoying your favorite foods. 

I can help you without having you give up your staple and favorite Indian foods. With some tweaks & lifestyle changes along with building necessary skills on the way, I can help you manage your Diabetes. We will work together to find solutions that best suit your lifestyle needs & work schedules.

As a bonus, I speak Hindi & Gujarati in addition to English.


Hi, I’m Jenifer Tharani, founder of Archaic Nutrition & Lifestyle. 

When I was a coach for “Choices for Health” program, one of the participants was suffering from Diabetes. He wanted me to consult him for nutrition. At the time, I was doing my dietetic internship at Emory Hospital and wasn’t a registered dietitian. So, I recommended him to find a registered dietitian in his area. He said, “I’ve looked, but I cannot find somone who will understand my Indian food preferences and lifestyle”. A light bulb went off.

Using evidence-based strategies along with personal experience and clinical expertise, I have created a signature 8 week online program to help you manage diabetes, enjoy heart health, and experience weight loss. It is a convenient and comprehensive online program to empower South Asians reach their health goals by making small, sustainable lifestyle shifts that add up over time to big, long-lasting changes.

The program opens for new clients every few months. To learn more, click below to book a FREE mini consult now or join on the waitlist below. 


“The South Asian Way” is an 8 week ONLINE Diabetes Prevention and Management Program for South Asians. 


“The South Asian Way”

FIRST ever specially curated signature online program for South Asians suffering from Diabetes, Heart Problems & Weight Loss Stalls.

Manage Diabetes, Enjoy Heart Health & Experience Weight Loss without giving up your favorite South Asian foods!

If you’re ready to take charge of your blood sugars, learn about heart healthy foods, and along the way lose those stubborn pounds and belly fat, then join the waitlist for our exclusive 8-week online group coaching program. The journey towards healthy and lasting lifestyle changes is easier with support. Join us for this interactive, educational, and transformative program from the comfort of your own home. You will get access to video recordings, nutrition & exercise guides, healthy recipes, and my personal attention!

Suffering from diabetes, heart health issues, and weight loss stalls?

Download my free South Asian Wellness Guide created just for you by YOUR South Asian dietitian. It gives you my 5-step simple approach to managing diabetes, enjoying heart health, and experiencing weight loss. 

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