Welcome To Archaic Lifestyle! 

My name is Jenifer Tharani. I founded Archaic Nutrition & Lifestyle, a nutrition & wellness business to help you MEET with your healthy & happy self. People have forgotten the simple, fundamental principles of nutrition and how to listen to their bodies.

Philosophy: At Archaic Nutrition & Lifestyle, I combine ancient food wisdom and local foods with mindful eating techniques to help clients (I call them Archaic Pearls – coz they are super special) form a long lasting healthy and happy lifestyle. I teach clients a Whole Foods approach instead of clinging to super foods or fad diets as a short cut to health & wellness. Remember Archaic Lifestyle is a marathon and not a sprint.

My mantra is “Stick to the basics, patronize local foods, exercise often but don’t forget self care and to take a rest day.”

I help Archaic Pearls

  • Manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions like high blood pressure
  • Lose & maintain a healthy weight by following my signature Archaic Lifestyle program
  • Alleviate digestive & inflammatory symptoms through nutrition therapy
  • Cultivate a long lasting healthy & happy lifestyle
  • Embrace pregnancy post bariatric surgery

Finding the right fit is paramount in creating change. That’s why I offer a free phone consultation to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, learn about my services, and decide if you think I am the right dietitian for you and your situation. If I’m not the right fit for you, I will refer you to another dietitian.


Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Email: dietitian@archaicnutrition.com

Jenifer was born and raised in India. Growing up, she was habitually surrounded by fresh produce, meats, and spices. Her love for food started during her undergraduate degree in Food Science. She enjoyed developing food products as a food scientist until she got an opportunity to wear a ‘Nutrition Educator’ hat. She enjoyed creating a nutrition education program for teaching new moms how to feed their toddlers healthy foods. It’s when she decided to pursue a master’s degree in Nutrition from Texas State University and become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. 

My passion is to empower clients to reach their health goals by making small, sustainable lifestyle shifts that add up over time to big, long-lasting changes.

If we want our families to reap the fruits of health, energy, and vitality tomorrow, we need to sow the seeds of healthy living today.  Good nutrition has the power to prevent and manage non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

I will help you to step back and assess your lifestyle to identify where you can make simple changes to prevent or manage your chronic conditions or cultivate a healthy & happy lifestyle with mindful eating techniques.


  • BS. in Food Science and Technology – Iowa State University
  • MS. in Human Nutrition – Texas State University
  • Dietetic Internship Program – Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, GA

Credentials & Affiliations:

  • Registered Dietitian, Commission on Dietetic Registration #
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Member
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